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Wealth Management
Tailor-made Portfolio construction

We define an assset allocation which best suits our clients' investment objectives and strategies.

We take various criteria into consideration, such as:

  • individual financial situation

  • liquidity needs

  • risk tolerance

Investment solutions

Depending on the risk profile, we look for the most suitable investment vehicles (direct investments, investment funds, ETFs, structured products).

Our tools allow us to screen all the investment universe and evaluate the funds in term of absolute performance and risk monitoring.

We also evaluate all the funds based on a qualitative approach taking into consideration the investment process, team and risk management.

Compliance services

Our compliance team assists our private clients and relationship managers in every step of the compliance procedure:

  • Bank account opening

  • Anti-money laundering audit

  • Contract establishment

Performance monitoring & Evaluation

We provide our clients with tailor-made portfolios reports, performance and risk analysis.

Portfolio are constantly analyzed and rebalanced to maintain our clients' risk profile. Our tools enable us to analyze the current portfolio in order to identify the optimal investment strategy, taking into account factors, such as:

  • Risk tolerance & control

  • Portfolio consolidation

  • Currency exposure

  • Performance attribution

Asset Allocation: Approach & Process
Top Down/Macro research

Our investment team members share constantly their opinions on the current macroeconomic environment and fundamental data.

On a monthly basis, GFG and partners hold an investment committee during which analysts and relationship managers discuss current portfolios positioning, performances and potential investment opportunities.

Fund Selection

Our fund selection is totally independent. Its main criteria are the performance and competence of the fund manager.

Our tools allow us to screen all the investment universe and evaluate the funds in term of absolute performance and risk monitoring.

For each fund we also use a qualitative approach, taking into consideration the investment process, team risk management.

Portfolio Monitoring

Structured Products, volatility-linked products could be used to protect the portfolio.

Portfolio could hold hold important amount of cash in case of stress on the markets.

Volatility and Value at Risk (VaR) measure are used to assess the portfolio risk.

Performance attribution and sensitivity analysis are computed on a monthly basis.

Actively Managed Certificates (AMC)
 Fixed Income Certificate

The objective is to achieve above average returns while preserving capital. Its capital will be allocated to a number of fixed income funds whose investment strategies and styles are capable of protecting capital in declining markets conditions.

This diversification should lower volatility and provide smoother and more consistent returns

GFG Alternative Certificate

This certificate is a basket of alternative liquid strategies. We select the best managers in the hedge fund UCITS universe.

The portfolio aims to capture returns in all assets classes with an emphasis on capital preservation.

 GFG Equity Certificate

By investing in the global equity market via equity, equity funds and equity-linked products, our goal is to achieve capital appreciation.

The managers decide on a tactical geographical allocation and select the best funds in each category to generate alpha. Structured products can also be used to protect capital.

Analyst Favourite Portfolio

It is an actively managed portfolio of selected securities likely to produce above-average returns. the strategy aims to achieve capital appreciation by investing in selected securities in the US Equity markets based on a dynamic and opportunistic approach.

GFG Swiss Equity Certificate 

It is an actively managed portfolio of selected securities likely to achieve capital appreciation by investing in selected securities in the Swiss Equity market based on a dynamic and opportunistic approach. The mix between Large and Small cap allows to maintain a high correlation to the Swiss equity market while generating also alpha returns

US Best Picks

We invest in a selection of stocks recommended by a top US broker. This selection undergoes through a rigorous screening process which purpose is the identification of companies able to sustain or improve operatinal growth and likely to produce above average price appreciation.

Sphere AI Growth Allocation

The Sphere AI Growth Allocation aims to achieve consistent long-term growth by identifying investment opportunities with favorable risk-return profiles, leveraging on the power of artificial intelligence. The AI system continuously learns from historical market data, adapting to changing market dynamics.

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