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Independent Asset Manager
As an independent asset manager, we act as financial intermediary between the client and the bank. As such, our role is:

To answer clients' specific needs.

The role of an independent asset manager is to answer specific needs by offering them tailor made investment solutions.

To Preserve clients' independence.

As an independent asset manager, we are not directly related to a certain bank but we work with various financial institutions. Consequently clients benefit from attractive banking conditions, have access to the finest financial experts and are able to choose among a  wide range of financial products

To offer multifaceted capacities.

Our team members come from different background. Together, we are able to offer multifaceted expertise and to provide several services such as family business solutions.

Benefits for the client

Access to tailor-made investment solutions.

The client has access to a wide range of investment solutions based on his risk profile.

Access to a wide range of depositary and custodian banks.

e.g. CA Indosuez, Lombard Odier, Julius Baer, UBP, Quintet Luxembourg, (...).

Access to full research of most famous providers and brokers.

HSBC, Banque Syz, Pictet, BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, (...).

Access to Family Office solutions.

Independent asset managers have a team of experts specialized in various fields, such as:

  • Operational consulting related to administration, accounting and finance

  • Selection and coordination of experts specialized in legal, tax, corporate, accounting and finance

  • Analysis, appreciation and financial planning

  • Consulting for fiduciary services.

Certification and Regulation

In Switzerland, Certified Independent Asset Managers have to be affiliated to a recognised control authority organism. One of the most important is the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM), which aims to strengthen the industry's reputation and protect inverstors interests. As a member, our company oblige itself to conduct professional, serious and high quality asset management. To do so we have to answer to various criteria such as:

  • Possession of the required professional qualifications

  • Registered in the Commercial Register

  • Good standing and reputation

  • Confirmation that the regulations are adhered through periodical reports to SAAM-approved auditing body

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